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Topps Football Cards!
We are buying Sports Cards and Football Cards!!!!
I pay top Dollar for Pre 1986 Topps Football Cards
  • Hall of Fame Players
  • Stars
  • Graded Cards
  • Complete Topps Sets 
About me:
I started collecting Topps Football cards when I was a child.  Unfortunately, like most kids, those cards are lost or destroyed by rubber bands and spokes. I have always enjoyed the AFL & NFL players of the past, their dedication to the game was inspiring.

20 years ago, I decided to start building the Topps sets that I remembered as a child.  I buy and trade the Stars and Hall of Fame (HOF) players, as well as the singles and commons to finish my sets.  Along the way, I have picked up many very nice Mint and Near Mint Football Cards.  Many of them are high grade PSA cards.
What I have:
I have high grade singles and PSA graded cards.  And in the process, have picked up a huge amount of older vintage Topps football cards, which lead to this website.

The site is organized by Year and they are all Topps Vintage Football Cards!

What I am looking for:
I am always looking for good quality Older Topps Sportscards and Vintage Seahawks Material.  

I look for nice cards that haven't been abused, and will gladly quote prices in person.  

Steve Largent Cards are a favorite of mine. I currently have the number two all time Steve Largent Set on the PSA Registry Site.  

This site is for the true Vintage Football Card Collector looking to finish a set or looking for a player or a specific NFL team.  

This is a developing site, changing regularly. If you are looking for something specific, please email me. I have much more than what is shown here, and will be happy to dig for what you need.